Hail to the Queen, Angelina Mead King!

Angelina, formerly known as Ian, recently came out as transgender. Since she came out, several questions are being asked by confused Philippine netizens. I’m going to tackle these questions and hopefully clear up these misconceptions.

Is King gay?

If by gay you mean, a woman who is attracted to another woman, then, yes! Angelina is a lesbian. Angelina has stated on record that she is attracted to soft curvy women.

But you are not gay, right? Or are you?

Sexual preference — no, I’m not gay. I like women. Soft, curvy, yeah, no body hair.


So has King had THE surgery?

Angelina is comfortable with her parts. She hasn’t had the surgery and she might not be considering it at all. Some transgender people are so uncomfortable with their bodies that they need surgery, but this is not true for all transgender people.

Is King leaving Joey then or vice versa?

Nope. They are happy with their relationship. Joey accepts Angelina and Angelina is happy with her relationship with Joey.

But King is gay right? RIGHT?!

This is often a source of confusion because people make the assumption that (1) trans women are gay men who are (2) transitioning so that men will be attracted to them. Trans women are not men! Trans women are women! And transitioning isn’t about others, it’s about yourself. It’s about feeling good with what you see in the mirror and loving yourself.

I’m so confused!

You’re confused because you were taught that heteronormativity is the norm and your church probably taught you that anything that deviates from that is sinful.

Heteronormativity? What’s that?

Heterenormativity is the belief or the assumption that all people fit neatly into two categories: men and women. Further, that men must act in a masculine manner, must be exclusively attracted to women, and that they identify as men. And women must act in a feminine manner, must be exclusively attracted to men, and that they identify as women.

You see, not all women were assigned female at birth and not all men were assigned men at birth.

Say what?

Let me finish. Some women were assigned male at birth. These are transgender women. Men who were assigned female at birth are transgender men. Sexual orientation is about attraction. Gender identity is one’s innate sense of being a man, women, both or neither. Gender identity does not dictate sexual orientation. Thus a man or woman, cis or trans, may be attracted to either men, women, neither or both.

How should I address King now?

You should call her by female pronouns and by the name Angelina. By doing that, you respect her identity as a woman. You should also avoid asking personal questions about her body, her sex life, and anything else you wouldn’t normally ask, say, your boss.

Got it. I’ve gotta call King Angelina because she’s a woman 🙂


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