Manoy Boksingero



Dear Manoy Boksingerong Pastor,

I used to respect you, praise you and at one point want to become like you. But after comparing my brothers and sisters of the rainbow community to animals, that was absurd. I wonder what is it that you need? Exposure? Interaction? Something is not right. And come on, I’ve been studying in a catholic institution all my life and I was never taught to use and preach the words of the holy book the way you are doing right now.

You are against marriage of the same sex, that’s fine with me. That’s your opinion after all. But please try to do a little bit of research before saying anything. Remember, unlike me, you are a public figure. Many people used to look up to you. We pay a lot just to see you “fight” for our country. We prayed with all our might to see you succeed. You are a big shame to all of us now.

People may learn to forgive you in time but your words are engraved in our hearts.

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