When You Boycott LGBT-friendly Companies


Hello, friend! It’s very brave of you to take a stand for your faith and burn your Nike shoes. I really admire you! It must’ve been a big sacrifice, considering it used to really go well with your Levi’s pants. Oh wait, maybe you should burn those pants too! They support same-sex marriage! It’s a shame, your photos where you were wearing them looked magnificent in your iPhone. Oh damn! You have to throw away your phone as well! They’re fine with men marrying other men!

Ugh, all these are really stressing me out! I can’t even drink Coke or Pepsi as they’re also spawns of the devil. Maybe a cup of Starbucks would do the trick… or not. I almost forgot they’re also a very sinful company as well!

I can’t take this. I need to drink my meds. Oh fuck, I can’t, I’d rather die than drink my meds from GlaxoSmithKline or Pfizer. Who wants sinfulness inside their digestive system?

This is so messed up! Everyone should know about this! Let me blog about companies who are in support of same-sex marriage using my HP laptop. Oh, never mind. I’d just buy a new one using my Visa card. Oh shit, I can’t. Even if I could, Microsoft and Intel are also agents of deceit!

Forget it! I’ll just calm down and watch Disney Channel.

Oh asfqwerqweqwdf.

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