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Hi Everyone,

I’m glad this site allows everyone to post anonymously. šŸ™‚

So I am very curious about meeting new guys within my area or even outside of my country. I got so curious I ventured into the world of cyber dating.

I uploaded what I think is the most “passing” photo of me on a certain gay dating application. Then I get messages like: “You’re so hot, show me your tool” or “top or bottom?” and the worst one for me is “I don’t need to pay you to please me right?” Mind blowing! Then The next thing I’ll see if I don’t send them any reply are their “birdies”. Damn right, big and really big ones!

But when I tell them I’m a transguy… “Crickets!” They stop replying. Though I got a squad of open minded individuals too, but they’re just too far away from me. Sometimes it makes me think there are no “wholesome” dating apps created yet. Are gays like that? Or Are cismen who are into gay men really like that? Looking for nothing but sex?

Surprisingly, I’ve met a few transwomen too. They ask about what I do and how much I earn. It sucks. Of all the people in that application, I was really expecting they would understand me and what I am looking for but I was so wrong. “Looking for love in all the wrong places type of experience.”

Do we share the same experience? I hope I’m not alone. Thanks for reading!

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