Parking Lot Sex

During sleepovers with my friends, we always start talking about the craziest things we’ve done sexually. And my story is always this… One night when I was walking home from a party me and my boyfriend attended, we were being really affectionate and soon things started really heating up. We were nowhere near home and things were so hot we couldn’t wait. We were walking past a parking lot and noticed that it wasn’t a well-lit place. He took my hand and we raced behind parked vehicles (a van and a pick-up truck) to have sex. The verdict: it was really quick – but it was so passionate that it was intensely exciting. Just as we finished an old man walked by. It was a lot of fun and while I probably wouldn’t do it again, I love that I have such a funny story to share over girly gatherings. Are you guys the same? Are you proud of the crazy stuff because it makes for a good story.

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