A Speech by a Young and Naive Trans Woman

Hi! I’d like to share with you a speech I had composed back when I was in high school for our final project of our English class. The topic I wrote about was a bold and brave choice considering that I grew up in an exclusive school for boys where discrimination especially with that of homosexuality was rampant. I still remember shaking and trembling heavily while delivering the speech in front of the whole class who had varied reactions – mostly just mocking me in my anxious state but I still managed to finish it anyway. I just had to!


Here it goes:


It is a great honor for me to speak before such an enormous crowd to address to the world my ideas and insights about a very sensitive topic – homosexuality.


This social behavior had been around even during the ancient times. In fact, ancient Greeks viewed the love between two men as the ideal erotic relationship and Spartan warriors often fought alongside with their lovers. Some North and South American and Polynesian cultures have even accepted male transvestites for wives.


But centuries later, homosexuals have been oppressed. They have been rejected by the society. They have become outcasts, mere objects of fun and enjoyment and a favorite subject for discrimination. What had happened?


Homosexuality, according to the Mosaic Law, was punishable by death. Perhaps the domination of Judeo-Christian traditions for many centuries caused this condemnatory attitude of modern Christians towards this issue.


Furthermore, the fear of AIDS strengthened the prejudice against homosexuals particularly the male ones because they were the first community in the west to have the virus in a large number. This problem has been acted upon by those concerned and has now been lessened.


Most people often refuse to associate and identify themselves to homosexuals because they believe that gays are immoral and sinners, men and women of lustful sexual desires whatsoever.


It is unreasonable to say that homosexuals are not worthy to be called as children of God for even from the start, God never made gay men and women.It hurts so much when we are oppressed all because we are sinful to the eyes of many. But have you tried to ask yourselves that if you consider us sinners, then what makes us different from you who sin as well? What harm have we done that you continually discriminate us? Are we not better than those corrupt officials, serial killers or terrorists?


I am not trying to pass on whatever we are experiencing right now to them. That is rather unfair. My point here is that we are all the same. We are all sinners. We are in no position to discriminate and pull each other down for we are all children of God. We are all equal. Despite the continuing oppression and discrimination, I still believe in the power of love and quality!


I believe that every individual, regardless of his or her sexual orientation, has a place to fill in this world.


I believe that every one one of us play an important role for each others’ development.


I believe that everyone is worthy of all our respect, love and understanding whatever it is that he or she chooses to do and become.


I believe that being gay is not something to be shamed of. It is something a person could take pride in for it is an expression of who he or she truly is. Why should I be ashamed when I am being the real me?


I am gay! I am not sick of any illness. Rather, I am sick of the oppression, of the discrimination and of the rejection of society.


I am gay! I may not be as influential as other open homosexuals by the persons of Socrates, Sappho, Michelangelo and Alan Turing are but I am likewise, a person of creativity.


I am gay! I embody man and woman. I am human! I could be happy or sad. I have feelings much like you do.


I am gay! I am exhausted and tired of living for the approval of others. I dream that one day, all the man-made rules and standards will be abolished and erased and all men, yes, straight men as well as gay men would be given equal treatment and equal rights.


That time has yet to come but while we are breathing, there is hope. There’s a chance. But let us not wait until we run out of breaths. Let us not wait until it’s already too late. Let us not wait forever. We must start now!


Start from yourselves and everything else will follow.


Let everyone show who they truly are! Let them be themselves!


Let them shine!


This was written back in 2006 by my naive self so please pardon any inconsistencies especially with regards the terms used. The primary point of this piece is to persuade all people that homosexuality, its discrimination, should be stopped and equality should reign. I hope that even in a little way, I have brought awareness about this issue and that actions can be done to eliminate this. Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely.

12662515_10207225321765609_6454880107234271861_nThis was written by Christine Fernandez.
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