7 Things You Can Do to Support Your Partner’s Transition

Transitioning is a beautiful thing and it is not about my boyfriend becoming another person. He still is the very same person who I fell in love with who wanted his body to reflect who he really is.

It is not easy and I have seen how difficult it can get. Not everybody will understand and some people will take it far worse than the rest. It takes a lot of strength and courage to come out because some people do not just get it.

I saw my boyfriend at his weakest point. And it was something I wish he would never go through ever again. I, his girlfriend could do nothing but wipe his tears away and tell him it was going to be alright. From then on, I was determined to do something. To be there by his side against all odds that the world would throw at him. And from then on, it has been “us” against the world.

Below are 7 things you can do to help and support your partner’s transition.


He may not say it but the most important thing is that you be there and support him all throughout his transition. With the emotional changes taking place, he would need you more than ever.


Transitioning means the whole world for him and when he finally transitions, he is at his happiest. Be happy for him. It was one heck of a ride for him to be able to transition. For me, it is “If you’re happy then I’m happy.”



Tell him you are proud of all the accomplishments he has done and for all the obstacles he has surpassed.



Tell him about the changes you have noticed both physically and emotionally. Don’t be afraid to tell him of how some changes are affecting you negatively. Also, tell him the positive changes. With this, he knows how you are feeling and you know how he is feeling. Being open to him and vice versa will strengthen your relationship with him.



Not everything we talk about is interesting. But paying attention to what he has to say is very important. Or simply listening to what he has to say makes you connect to him more. The changes are new to him and he would like you to know. Also, this also makes you aware of what he is going through.



His hormones are changing and we know the effects of it. He may lose his temper or be a bit mushy and it may drive you crazy but be patient. It’s part of the changes he’s going through and it is not permanent. Understand that the things that he may have said and done were not thought of thoroughly. And that’s normal. We all have those moments. We just have to be patient with one another.

Another is that he may be dysphoric. Be patient when it comes to being in the middle of something amazing and it all ends because he’s feeling dysphoric about something. Understand that there are still parts of his body that he is not comfortable with. It’s best that you have an honest talk with each other, tackle on what should and should not be done. What is okay and what is not. State the limits and look for a common ground.



The thing is that with his transition, he needs support but he also needs love. For me, my boyfriend is still the same person I fell in love with and his transition does not make me love him any less but it makes me love him even more. I have learned to love him unconditionally. I love everything about him including his imperfections. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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