Anti-Discrimination Ordinances Across the Philippines

Will the Anti-Discrimination Bill finally get passed into law?

Like many LGBT advocates, I’m wondering whether the Anti-Discrimination Bill is going to be passed or get passed over this 17th Congress. The Anti-Discrimination Bill (H.B. 4982 by Kaka J. Bag-ao, Geraldine B. Roman et al. & S.B.N. 1271 by Risa Hontiveros) is a piece of proposed legislation that would make discrimination on the basis of real or perceived sex, age, class, status, ethnicity, color, disability, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression punishable by law. The bill is also popularly known as the SOGIE Equality Bill.

Here are the discriminatory practices and their penalties covered by the proposed Senate Bill:

  1. Promotion and encouragement of stigma in media, textbooks and other mediums (Fine: 100-250k | Imprisonment: 1-6 yrs)
  2. Inciting violence and sexual abuse against any person or group (Fine: 100-250k | Imprisonment: 1-6 yrs)
  3. Including SOGIE in the criteria of employment-related matters such as hiring, retention, compensation, etc. (Fine: 250-500k | Imprisonment: 6-12 yrs)
  4. Refusing admission or expelling a person from any educational or training institution (Fine: 250-500k | Imprisonment: 6-12 yrs)
  5. Imposing harsher penalties and sanctions than customary (Fine: 100-250k | Imprisonment: 1-6 yrs)
  6. Refusing to formally recognize any organization (Fine: 100-250k | Imprisonment: 1-6 yrs)
  7. Denial of health services (Fine: 250-500k | Imprisonment: 6-12 yrs)
  8. Denial of any government document (Fine: 100-250k | Imprisonment: 1-6 yrs)
  9. Denial of use or access to housing, establishments, facilities, or utilities. This includes the act of giving inferior accommodations or services. (Fine: 100-250k | Imprisonment: 1-6 yrs)
  10. Forcing a person to take any medical or psychological examination to determine or alter a person’s SOGIE (Fine: 250-500k | Imprisonment: 6-12 yrs)
  11. Profiling, detention, or verbal or physical harassment (Fine: 250-500k | Imprisonment: 6-12 yrs)
  12. Subjecting a person to analogous acts that impair or nullify their enjoyment, recognition, and exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms (Same penalty as the prohibited act to which it is analogous)

The House Bill provides for more discriminatory practices but proposes a penalty scheme where the variance between minimum and maximum sentences are larger.

What if the bill doesn’t pass into law? Not all hope is lost. The popularization of anti-discrimination ordinances ensures that LGBT Filipinos are offered some protection, granted your area is covered. Below is a list of anti-discrimination ordinances from across the Philippines.

LocationShort TitleDate EnactedDownload Link
Angeles City, PampangaAnti-Discrimination Ordinance of Angeles City2013Angeles City ADO
Antipolo CityAnti-Discrimination in Employment Ordinance2015-01-26Antipolo City ADO
Bacolod CityBacolod City Anti-Discrimination Ordinance2013-04-23Bacolod City ADO
Baguio CityAnti-Discrimination Ordinance of the City of Baguio2017-02-20Baguio City ADO
Batangas CityThe Batangas City Gender-Fair Ordinance2016-07-18Batangas City ADO
Butuan CityButuan City Anti-Discrimination Ordinance2016-06-13Butuan City ADO
Candon City, Ilocos SurThe Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Candon City2014-08-04Candon City ADO
Cebu CityCebu City Anti-Discrimination Ordinance2012-10-17Cebu City ADO
Dagupan CityFurther Promoting Gender Equality in the City of Dagupan or Gender Equality Ordinance2010-06-21Dagupan City ADO
Davao CityAnti-Discrimination Ordinance of Davao City2012-12-12Davao City ADO
General Santos CityGeneral Santos City Anti-Discrimination Ordinance2016-11-29General Santos City ADO
Mandaue CityAnti-Discrimination Ordinance for People of Diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression2016-02-10Mandaue City ADO
Puerto Princesa CityLesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgenders (LGBT) Anti-Discrimination Act of Puerto Princesa City2015-06-01Puerto Princesa City ADO
Quezon CityAn Ordinance Prohibiting All Acts of Discrimination Directed Against Homosexuals in any Office in Quezon City, Whether in the Government or in the Private Sector, and Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof2003-09-02Old Quezon City ADO
Quezon CityThe Quezon City Gender-Fair Ordinance2014-09-29New Quezon City ADO
Vigan CityThe Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Vigan2014-11-10Vigan City ADO
San Julian, Eastern Samar MunicipalityAnti-Discrimination Ordinance of San Julian Eastern Samar2014-10-13San Julian ADO
Agusan del Norte ProvinceAgusan del Norte Anti-Discrimination Ordinance2014-07-21Agusan Del Norte Province ADO
Batangas ProvinceAn Ordinance Prohibiting Discrimination on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression for LGBT2015-09-23Batangas Province ADO
Cavite ProvinceAnti-Discrimination Ordinance of the Province of Cavite2014-02-3Cavite Province ADO
Dinagat Islands ProvinceDinagat Islands Anti-Discrimination Ordinance2016-11-20Dinagat Islands Province ADO
Iloilo ProvinceIloilo Province Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of 20162016-12-9Iloilo Province ADO
Bagbag Brgy.LGBT No Discrimination Ordinance of Barangay Bagbag2009-06-01Brgy Bagbag ADO
Greater Lagro Brgy.Barangay Greater Lagro Anti LGBT Discrimination Ordinance2014-06-16Brgy Greater Lagro ADO
Pansol Brgy.Antidiscrimination Ordinance of Barangay Pansol, Quezon City2008-11-8Brgy Pansol ADO