This is a video update of my changes while I am now on my 8th month on T. Check out my YouTube channel for more updates and videos regarding my transition.

Yesterday was a historic moment in Philippine transgender history for the country’s first inclusive transgender-specific nationwide network has just launched. MAKATI CITY— On the same day as the Transgender Day of Visibility, transgender leaders from different communities all over the Philippines united to form a national network of transgender groups and individuals […]

LakanBini Advocates Pilipinas: The First Philippine Transgender Network

(Language: Tagalog) Uhm hi guys im a transman… My problem is dalawa kase silang magkapatid then yung younger sister ung inaantay ko. Tapos hndi ko nman akalain at ndi ko din nman inaasahan na magkakagusto sakin yung ate nya. Sbi kc ng inaantay ko sakin na hndi nman kami malayo […]

May chance ba?

An informative video about gender for those who have questions, are questioning, or just want to broaden their knowledge beyond what most people know.

SOGIE (In A Nutshell)

Dear Manoy Boksingerong Pastor, I used to respect you, praise you and at one point want to become like you. But after comparing my brothers and sisters of the rainbow community to animals, that was absurd. I wonder what is it that you need? Exposure? Interaction? Something is not right. […]

Manoy Boksingero

Hi self! I know people around you already knew that you’re trans because you can’t stop anyone from telling stories. So what? If they’ll ask something about you and you know that it would help and might be a good start to educate them, then do it. I know their […]

Dear Self,

Original Text in Bisaya Kai in naman me sa akong doctor, ni decide ko nga mangita ug nindot2 nga place where maka luto ko, naay nice nga cr ug nindot nga kwarto para nice ang chungkangan. Haha. Sa pagpangita nako kauban akong friend, nakakakita me ug nindot nga place. […]


I have read an article that says – Transgender people who take testosterone as part of a transition from female to male can sometimes experience severe acne as a side effect of the treatment. Yes, it is true and it happened to me. During my Pre-T, I had a very […]

Acne – FTM Transition

In college, I requested all my teachers to call me by preferred name. I prepared printed letters but also spoke with them personally. It generally wasn’t a problem. Just appear confident. Here’s a sample letter you can send your teacher: [Date] [Instructor Name. If unknown, use “To whom it may […]

Be Called Your Preferred Name in School

In a recent Superbalita article, dated January 31, 2016 and titled “Daghang bayot manguot sa party district sa Mango” (Plenty of Gays Pickpocket at the Party District of Mango), the writer unnecessarily identifies the two pickpockets as “bayot”, a local term for gay. The victim was a Japanese person named […]

Kulang sa Pansin ang Sun Star Cebu?