Join Transman Equality and Awareness Movement

Why join Transman Equality and Awareness Movement (TEAM)?

  • Meet other transgender men from the Visayas and Mindanao who understand the same struggle you’re going through or went through.
  • Referrals to doctors, surgeons, etc.
  • Assisted access to affordable hormones.
  • Learn to defend yourself against homophobic attacks.
  • Learn about safe sex practices specific to transgender men.
  • Fulfilling advocacy work

Note: If you aren’t a transgender man living in the Visayas or Mindanao, you might like to look at one of these other organisations.

Fill-up and submit the following form. Not all items are required but it is highly recommended to complete the form to help speed up the interview process.
Wait for a text or email requesting you to select a schedule for your interview. The interview may be conducted through Skype, Messenger, mobile, or in-person. (Note: It may take us 1-2 months to get back to you. We’re all volunteers and we message applicants in batches. Please be patient.)
Be on time for the interview.
Wait for results of interview.

We will archive applications for the ff. reasons:
i. You fail to schedule an interview within 6 months since you sent your application; (several opportunities are given to schedule one)
ii. You consistently fail to show up for interviews;
iii. You aren’t from Visayas or Mindanao, and have no plans of relocating here;
Interviewers are all volunteers of TEAM. We can’t cater to everyone at any day and any time.
Show up to your interviews on time and don’t flake. We’re busy too but we still set aside time just for you. Be considerate.